Defence Ministry eyes 200 billion baht budget for 2025

MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2024

Parliament to deliberate on budget in special session, most funding demands linked to procurements and ‘secret’ operations

The Defence Ministry is eyeing a budget of 200.92 billion baht in fiscal 2025 and is set to seek another 4.89 billion baht off budget.

During the first hearing of the fiscal 2025 budget bill, scheduled to be held in a three-day extraordinary parliamentary session from Wednesday, the three arms of the Thai military will likely ask for huge allocations for the procurement of arms.

The three arms of the military are also seeking funds for “secret operations”, namely 290.05 million baht for the Royal Thai Army, 30 million baht for the Royal Thai Air Force and 62.6 million baht the Royal Thai Navy.

Meanwhile, the Royal Thai Armed Forces and Defence Permanent Secretariat are seeking 54 million baht and 32.3 million baht, respectively, for confidential operations.

Meanwhile, of the 200.92 billion baht sought, 96.60 billion baht will be allocated to the Army. This allocation will cover 2.7 billion baht for the procurement of arms and 2.9 billion baht for repairs.

The Navy, meanwhile, will receive 41.59 billion baht, which will cover 88 million baht for the next instalment in the submarine procurement project. The Navy is seeking another 98 million baht for its naval operations and 760 million baht for buying a fleet of planes. It also requires 150 million baht for a radar system and 600 million baht for a mid-sized helicopter as a personnel carrier.

The Navy is seeking another 69 million baht for installing a mechanical control system in the aircraft carrier, HTMS Chakri Naruebet. It also seeks 69 million baht for installing a mechanical control system for HTMS Chakri Naruebet, an aircraft carrier.

The Air Force is asking for 36.94 billion baht, of which 3.9 billion baht will be spent on buying a new fleet of fighter jets.
It is also seeking 1.2 billion baht for the purchase of pilot training planes and 846 million baht for upgrading its fleet of C-130H planes.