Srettha defends 1st year successes amid criticism of govt inaction

TUESDAY, JULY 09, 2024

Prime minister cites progress in foreign investment, debt moratoriums for farmers and better produce price as achievements

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin insisted on Tuesday that his government has achieved a lot in its first year in office and more accomplishments will be seen gradually.

He was responding to claims from several sides, including the opposition and some dissatisfied Pheu Thai MPs, that the government has failed to come up with anything tangible during its first year in office.

Srettha said he was ready to explain his government’s achievements to Pheu Thai MPs during the party meeting on Tuesday at around 3pm.

He added that his government may have trouble communicating with people, which is why the public does not know about its achievements.

“We have done a lot and many ministerial projects made with much hard work are being implemented,” Srettha said.

Among the achievements Srettha listed were an increase in foreign direct investment, better prices for agricultural produce, and a moratorium on farmers’ debts.

He said the government has also boosted the youth's education quality, raised the daily minimum wage, enacted a law to allow same-sex marriage, upgraded the 30-baht universal healthcare services, and stepped up drug suppression.

“And we are implementing several other projects,” Srettha said.
Asked when these achievements will produce tangible results, Srettha said: “The results will gradually come out, such as foreign investments and free-trade agreements.”