Govt hits out at insinuations of cheating against Buri Ram students


The government on Wednesday condemned aspersions being cast on 40 Buriram Rajabhat University graduates who passed the competitive examination to become assistant teachers.

Rumours have been doing the rounds that the students were helped by leaked exam papers. The suspicion arose as Minister of Education Permpoon Chidchob hails from Buri Ram province.

Reacting to the insinuation, PM’s Office deputy spokesperson Karom Phonphonklang urged society not to belittle and accuse others without evidence, calling such behaviour “inappropriate and disparaging”. He emphasised that no law permits such behavior and that everyone is equal.

In a strong statement, he said that those accusing the Buriram Rajabhat University students of cheating are being “irresponsible, immature, and lacking in compassion”. 

“They fail to consider that the students’ families may have made great sacrifices to support their children in their studies, hoping they would become good teachers and eventually teach their children. These students might be from poor families that have strived to do well in their education, and Buriram Rajabhat University offers a comprehensive five-year curriculum that enables them to excel,” Karom said.


"Those who criticise with baseless accusations, relying only on imagination and demeaning others, should be condemned,” he said. “Talented individuals exist in every province, not just in Buri Ram. Such criticism only creates division. If society adopts this flawed logic to accuse and demean others, treating some people as unequal, how can society sustain itself?" Karom posed.