TAT hopes to invite 4 famous Chinese stars to promote Thai tourism

MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2024

Chuwit Siriwetkul, Director of East Asia for TAT, announced the plan to invite renowned Chinese actors and influencers to be brand ambassadors for the 50th anniversary of Thai-Chinese relations in 2025.

Preliminary discussions have taken place with four prominent figures: Wang Yibo, Xiao Zhan, Zhao Lusi, and Bai Lu. The official announcement is scheduled for October, coinciding with China's National Day on October 1. 

TAT plans to promote the "Nihao Month" festival with grand celebrations to spark interest in travel among Chinese tourists.

"In the second half of the year, TAT has a marketing plan to encourage travel, aiming to attract 8 million Chinese tourists to Thailand throughout 2024. In the first five months, we have already accumulated nearly 3 million visitors. We will kick off with the 'Labubu Thailand Edition' project in July, followed by the 'Nihao Month' festival in October, where we will launch the brand ambassadors to create a buzz for Chinese tourist travel. There will also be continuous activities leading up to the beginning of 2025, including the Chinese New Year and the 50th-anniversary celebration of Thai-Chinese relations," Chuwit stated.

Regarding the overall situation of Chinese tourists in June, travel is expected to slow down due to the Gaokao, University entrance exams, which are the most critical exams in the lives of Chinese students, held only once a year.

Parents prioritize this time to support their children and avoid travelling. However, in July and August, during the summer break in China, Thailand needs to prepare to accommodate the influx of visitors.