True's HR chief named the first Thai to clinch Women’s Tabloid Awards 

FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2024

Over a decade of her exceptional performance in human resource development at True Corporation, Sarinra Wongsuppaluk has been recognised as the first HR chief and the first Thai person in Thailand to receive the Women's Tabloid Awards 2024.

“It shines a spotlight on True Corporation on a global stage. I see it as a testament to what True Corporation’s teams have been able to achieve. The organisation has been a leader in human resources for our learning culture and, in the wake of our recent merger, the achievement of bringing together two large organisations together despite very different work cultures, structures, and people,” said Sarinra

Sarinra’s strong business acumen coupled with her passion were critical to the historic amalgamation of dtac and True. In this transformative journey, Sarinra demonstrated remarkable foresight and leadership, driving a three-pronged strategy to reshape the organization, build talents and forge a new culture.

To ensure a smooth transition during the complex process of amalgamating disparate teams and systems. Sarinra fostered an environment where every team member felt valued and treated respectfully while leveraging this opportunity to modernise, simplify, and automate work processes with the target of achieving 100% automation of repetitive processes by 2027.

Sarinra said the second focus area was to future-proof True Corporation’s workforce. True aims to be an AI-driven organisation, setting a goal to develop over 5,000 digital experts by 2025 and to transition 100% of routine work to automation by 2027. The company also upskilled and re-skilled its people to ensure they remain relevant in a rapidly changing landscape, thereby fostering continuous learning, innovation, and adaptability.”


The third focus area was to increase collaboration for digital and agile ways of work. With extensive engagement activities, the HR team built a new culture of proximity to management, customer-centricity, respect, and performance. 

Throughout her career, Sarinra has been particularly focused on expanding opportunities for young talents, playing a critical role in overseeing the CP Group scholarships programme and Thai delegates for One Young World, the preeminent community of young leaders taking action on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The Women’s Tabloid Award celebrates and acknowledges the remarkable achievements of women worldwide in various professional fields, focusing primarily on women leaders, CxOs, entrepreneurs, and businesses led by women. Women's Tabloid is a global business magazine with a specific focus on the achievements, challenges, and contributions of women in various industries.