Changan meets Deputy PM & Energy Minister to discuss New Energy Vehicles

MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2024

Shen Xinghua, Managing Director of Changan Auto Southeast Asia Co., Ltd., met with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, Peeraphan Saleerathaviphak, on June 6, 2024, to discuss the advancement and development of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) in Thailand.

This strategic meeting underscores Changan Thailand's commitment to contributing to the country's sustainable automotive future.

The recent success of Changan Thailand's Sourcing Day event on June 5, 2024, further highlighted the company's dedication to fostering local partnerships. The event provided a platform for ChanganThailand to engage with numerous Thai local suppliers and partners, paving the way for increased job opportunities and economic growth within the Thai market. These collaborations are also expected to facilitate the development of technology and knowledge transfer between Changan Thailand and its Thai partners.

In addition to the economic and technological benefits, the discussions with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy also emphasized the importance of boosting education and skill development in the area of New Energy Vehicles. This initiative includes the potential development of specialized courses and training programs aimed at equipping the Thai workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the evolving automotive sector.

"Our commitment to Thailand goes beyond manufacturing and business operations. We are dedicated to playing a pivotal role in the technological and educational development of the New Energy Vehicle sector in Thailand," said Shen Xing Hua, Managing Director of Changan Auto Southeast Asia. "Through our partnerships and investments, we aim to support the country's transition to a sustainable automotive future and empower the local workforce with the skills needed for this transformation."

Changan Thailand looks forward to continuing its collaboration with the Thai government and local partners to drive innovation, sustainability, and economic growth in the New Energy Vehicle industry.