Thailand 4th in Asia in number of employees thriving in workplaces


37% of Thai employees say they are thriving in their jobs, worldwide Gallup survey finds

A total of 37% of Thai employees say they are thriving in their workplaces, according to the 2024 Gallup State of the Global Workplace report. The statistics put the kingdom in fourth place among Asian countries/territories, behind Vietnam, Taiwan and Singapore.

The annual report by Gallup, an American multinational analytics and advisory company, examines employee mental health and well-being worldwide, categorising respondents into three levels: thriving, struggling, or suffering. 

According to Gallup, the data for this report were collected in 2023 from some 128,000 employed respondents in more than 160 countries and areas around the world.

Globally, 34% of survey respondents said they were “thriving”, while 58% were “struggling”. Some 8% of those surveyed globally reported “suffering” at work.

Thailand 4th in Asia in number of employees thriving in workplaces

The 10 countries with the highest proportion of people who say they are thriving in their workplaces are:

1. Finland: 83%
2. Denmark: 77%
3. Iceland: 76%
4. Netherlands: 71%
5. Sweden: 70%
6. Israel: 69%
7. Norway: 67%
8. Costa Rica: 62%
9. Belgium: 60%
10. Australia: 60%

The report said European countries dominated the list, with seven making the top 10. The region recorded the lowest percentage of employees who said they were “watching for or actively seeking a new job” and the second-lowest percentage of employees who were “experiencing daily sadness”.

In Asia, countries/territories where the highest percentage of respondents said they were thriving are:

1. Vietnam: 51%
2. Taiwan: 41%
3. Singapore: 39%
4. Thailand: 37%
5. The Philippines: 36%
6. China: 36%
7. South Korea: 34%
8. Malaysia: 31%
9. Japan: 29%
10. Mongolia: 29%

The report said in summary: “When employees find their work and work relationships meaningful, employment is associated with high levels of daily enjoyment and low levels of all negative daily emotions. Notably, half of employees who are engaged at work are thriving in life overall.” 

It is notable that Gallup puts Thailand in the group of Low Labour Rights Countries, which also includes Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, and the United States. Meanwhile, Vietnam was categorised among High Labour Rights Countries, along with Japan, South Korea and several European nations.